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Best Free Cloud Storage and file sharing services in 2018

Free Cloud Storage
To know more about Free Cloud Storage and File Sharing Services read this article to understand and to choose the service you need.
Cloud Storage is the process of storing digital data on the internet through multiple servers. This Cloud storage is managed by physical environment called the hosting companies. You can store different kinds of storage like objects, files and Blocks. There are several fundamental requirements to be taken into consideration for Cloud. This is mainly to ensure that your company’s data is secure and available when needed. Few benefits of free Cloud storage and file sharing services are reducing costs, reducing time to maintain records and the best source for gathering scattered information and data. You can get easy access to files like your photos, videos and other important data through this Free Cloud storage.
Few companies have their own data centers while others depend on third party sources, often Amazon Web Services are better known as AWS. However, Please note that Cloud services are different from Cloud back up on your computer. 
Few most popular free cloud storage and file sharing services absolutely at no cost are Google Drive, DropBox, Amazon drive etc., which enables you to share bigger files easily. These files can also be stored in Cloud which can be synced and collaborated with colleagues and friends.
Did you know that not all cloud sharing services are free in the market? We would like to bring you the best rated free Cloud and File Sharing Services of 2018 absolutely for free. 
  • MEGA  – Mega is also known for his most secure Cloud Storage and file Sharing Service, which gives users immediately 50 GB to store data and files. You can view your data and files from Smartphones, Android devices or Tablets at a faster speed. Mega is the most user-friendly and handy software solution for the ones who want to store their data and files to the Cloud services.

Free cloud storage Mega


  • Amazon drive– Amazon Drive which was initially known as Cloud Drive comes with 5 GB of free storage. Considered to be the popular server for photo sharing and cloud storage, You can store all of your files, photos, videos, and more. You can back up your content to one secure place, and access it from anywhere from your IOS and Android devices with Amazon Drive. The files that are stored on Amazon drive can be recovered at fingertips when the device on which it is used is damaged or lost.

Free cloud storage Amazon Drive


  • DropBox – With DropBox Cloud Storage and File Sharing Services, users get 2 GB of free space. Users can boost the storage space up to 18 GB. You can download free apps to access DropBox from your computer and mobile devices. The Web version of DropBox lets you edit files without needing to download them. Dropbox recently rolled out a similar feature called Smart-Sync but it’s currently only available to Business users. You can store any kind of file in Dropbox, by either uploading to the website or adding it to the desktop Apps. The Mobile Apps and Desktop apps are easy to navigate and are beautifully designed. There is no size limit to upload any file to Dropbox.

Free cloud storage DropBox

  • pCloud – pcloud is relatively new Cloud storage and file sharing service available in the market. pCloud is a free cloud storage service that offers 10 GB of space.It adds storage to your computer also can be called as a Virtual Hard Drive. With pCloud you can store files from multiple devices to a one beautiful and intuitive cloud storage space. It is used for both business and personal use. You can also backup the photos from your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Picasa. 

Free cloud storage pcloud

  • Google Drive – Google Drive is the way to keep your files back up and easy to access wherever you go. This best free storage and file sharing service help you save up to 15 GB data which can include photos, videos. Recordings and drawings. Literally anything and everything. If you have a google account, you can already access google drive, however, you have to share and sync that data with your Gmail account. This is considered one of best as it had apps for IOS and Android devices as well.The app can automatically back up your photos on its own, without the need for the separate Google Photos app.

Free cloud storage Google Drive

  • Media Fire–  Media Fire is perfect for storing all types of data to the cloud, as it comes with a whopping 50 GB free Cloud Storage. Initially, you get 10 GB free storage but later you can add the additional storage by application downloads. This free Cloud storage and file sharing service are best for small businesses. IOS and Android users can download an app to upload images and recording or to view and share files easily.

Free cloud storage Media fire

These applications have eventually grown in terms of usage in the coming years and have made photo sharing and any file sharing activity for the users on their fingertips. They are of a larger benefit for people who require sharing of files and photos on a larger scale for people like graphic designers and video artists. There are a number of applications in the market for file sharing and cloud storage but we brought to you the most common and widely used file sharing servers.

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