How to take high quality photos at night using iBlazr 2

Nearly all smartphones these days have a built-in flash but it is not often as effective at lighting what you’re shooting, particularly dark scenes. Which is why you should try using a constant light, like the new iBlazr 2, which easily attaches to your smartphone and tablet to give you additional, more natural illumination.

iBlazr 2

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Now in its second generation, the iblazr 2 follows the same design and concept as its predecessor, but it’s now wireless and comes with new features. It launched recently, and the product has already exceeded its funding goal.

How to connect iblazr 2 to your smartphone 

The iBlazr 2 is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. It connects to and synchronizes with a device via low-energy Bluetooth, and runs off its own battery (300 flashes on one charge, or three hours of continuous lighting).

iBlazr 2

iBlazr 2


  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
  • Temperature adjustment 5600K — 3200K
  • Touch Sensor
  • Native app sync
  • Shutter remote
  • No red-eye
  • 75-degree beam angle