Can Health Tracking Gadgets Actually Make You Healthier ?

Yes, that’s true Health tracking gadgets really make you healthier, unless you follow them religiously.

Health tracking gadgets will help in fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or run,calorie consumption, and in some cases heartbeat and quality of sleep. The term is now primarily used for dedicated electronic monitoring devices that are synced, in many cases wirelessly, to a computer or smartphone for long-term data tracking.

It is difficult to figure out which gadgets actually fit your personality and individual goals. Here, we single out the best devices that truly deliver, so you can stop wasting time on research and get to whittling that waist.

1. Fitbit Alta



Despite its slim and stylish design, the Fitbit Alta stands out for features such as auto sleep tracking, a tap display, and call, text, and calendar alerts. The fitness tracker also provides reminders to move and keep track of your all-day activity. A handy Smart Track feature allows the watch to automatically recognise and record personalised exercises, which lets you keep track of your workouts without needing to push a button. And you don’t have to worry about recharge, as it can be worn up to 5 days and nights without needing a recharge.

 2. Jawbone UP2 Activity Tracker

For tracking your physical condition both in an active state and at rest this activity tracker can be handy. It delivers different levels of information concerning your sleeping pattern, blood pressure, heart and pulse rate during both rest and activity or workout.


  • It offers correct information on how well you have slept.
  • The device alarm can also help you by waking you up by vibration.
  • The wearable device will detect all your activity, with detailed information on energy used and timings

3.Garmin Vivoactive

Garmin Vivoactive earned its name as a ultra-smart activity tracker capable of keeping pace with busy lifestyle. It is feature rich, designed to accommodate emerging fitness tracking needs and developed to endure.





  • It offers a battery that is practically inexhaustible.
  • The device with waterproof technology is great for swimming.
  • It offers built-in GPS, notifications on smartphone and app store of its own.

4. MOOV Fitness Band

For swimmers to improve their strokes in the water this tracker comes as a handy solution. Besides offering details of your activities it also keeps track of your performance over time and accordingly helps you build a plan.


  • Automatically it tracks the swimming laps, lap time, stroke style,the number of strokes, turning time, resting time, average stroke time, etc.
  • By evaluating and monitoring your best performances it offers effective workout plans.
  • It offers a waterproof capability up to a depth of one meter.
  • The tracker can also analyze other activities like running, walking, cycling performance, etc.


HAPIfork is a gadget that can help you reduce your eating pace. The sensors notify you through tiny vibrations when you’re ‘speeding’. It can also track your eating duration, the amount, and intervals of ‘fork servings’ per minute.All your data can be tracked with the accompanying app and transferred with a mini USB.This type of Health Tracking Gadgets is used to reduce the food consumption.



6.Sensoria Smart Socks

Wear this smart sock and get feedback from our ankles,yes, ankles because that’s where the pressure signals to this fitness tracker. It is designed for runners, the Sensoria Smart Sock tells you how well you’ve been running and how to improve your performance over time. Even though it has signals or sensors in the socks, it’s still washable and as comfortable as the next pair of conventional socks. This Type of Health Tracking Gadgets is mostly used for foot protection.


7.TellSpec Food Scanner

The Tellspec food scanner  is a device that claims to be able to tell you what’s actually in your food on a molecular level. It is one of the variant Health Tracking Gadgets to prevent from diseases. It consists of a spectrometer, which measures the light reflected by foods. This provides a lot more information than you might think, including sugar content, various pesticides, gluten, etc.




The smartphone app that you use along with the scanner .Tellspec is also extremely comprehensive. You are able to track the foods and micronutrients which you consume and it also measures how certain foods effect your mood and health.


8. Suunto Quest Heart Rate Monitor 

Suunto Quest Heart Rate Monitor is ideal for fitness freaks and sportsperson. This comfortable wristband measures accurate heart-rate and cholesterol level with ease. It also keeps a track of speed and distance covered. This Unisex Heart Rate Monitor is Waterproof. It comes in yellow, Blue, Orange and Black color. It is the most popularly used Health Tracking Gadget.





9. Angel

Angel cannot only work as your workout tracker and sleep monitor, it also acts as a heart timekeeper that detects irregular heart rates and alerts you accordingly. The temperature sensor also detects ovulation, to help improve pregnancy chances, and sends a text alert if the person wearing it is about to have a fever.


On top, It is placed with onboard sensors, Angel is also able to track blood oxygen levels. It’s supported by a smartphone app where data is transferred via Bluetooth

10. Noise Tracer



  • Noice trace looks a lot like a traditional watch with a large circular display. The display is composed of 128*128 LED pixels and making it easy to monitor the activities.
  • The Noise trace can be controlled by double tapping the screen, moving through info requires tapping the screen multiple times.
  • The device uses 3 Axis accelerometer as a tracking sensor, it also comes with several useful features like ring alarm when smartphone goes out of Bluetooth coverage, call on smartphone alert etc.